When Should You Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Do your kitchen cabinets show signs of wear and tear? Initially, you might plan to reface or revamp them. Sometime, you might call in a Mississauga Kitchen Cabinets Company for replacing them. But in the long run, you might end up with a question: Is cabinet replacement worth it, or refacing the cabinetry would serve the purpose? The option you choose is a matter of personal choice. However, one should go for the replacement, if the cabinets are beyond repairs. Or, if resurfacing cost exceeds their budget.

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Longevity of the Cabinets

Generally, cabinets can last long. The time-period varies, depending on the quality of the wood cabinets. A good quality cabinet can last for 50 years but good care must be taken.

Pointers to Keep In Mind

When you are planning to replace other kitchen features, such as the countertops, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc you must keep in mind to match it with the new cabinet style. When buying a used house, you will get kitchen cabinets. However, knowing the exact age of the cabinets is not possible; yet, looking out for some signs of wear tear is important.

Mississauga Kitchen Cabinets Company professionals are helping homeowners to locate the signs of aging cabinets. One should lookout for signs of damage to the cabinets. A cabinet can get damaged if it gets exposed to water or other damaging elements. Even steam can damage the outer layer of the cabinets.

Damage Signs

Well, when one observes some prominent signs, one should go for cabinet replacement. Now, let’s take a look at these signs. They are:

Water Damage

Is your cabinet door not closing properly? Are you seeing dark spots? These problems are caused because of water damage. Wood is used for making the cabinets and as it’s installed in the kitchen there is a high chance of the cabinets getting soaked with water if there is a leak. Serious damage would cause the wood to warp, the wood color changed to black, delaminating, mold development, and more.

Mississauga Kitchen Cabinets Company feels that the source of water causing damage to the cabinets should be fixed. Once the cabinet dries up, some parts should be replaced and stains should be bleached.

mississauga kitchen cabinets company

Overall Functioning

If the overall functioning of the cabinetry is creating a lot of trouble, go for cabinet replacement. For instance, if you face difficulty in opening the drawers as it gets stuck and makes noises; or while opening a door, the drawers also come out. In such a scenario, it’s better to go for replacement.

Cabinets Gone ‘Soft’

Have you felt that the sides of the cabinet walls are ‘soft’? If your answer is yes, this is an indication that the cabinets are damaged and need to be replaced soon. Mississauga kitchen cabinets company states that the sides should be sturdy enough or else it won’t be of any use. It happens due to water accumulation.


Kitchen cabinets can develop molds. During the early stages, mold could be cleaned or prevented. However, if it’s left unattended, it will start to grow. The strength of the cabinet also gets affected. Also, it affects the health of the person working in the kitchen. The cause of mold is water leakage. It should be stopped or one should go for replacement.

Bad Shape of Cabinet

In case, the existing cabinet isn’t strong enough for new doors or hinges, it’s time to get it replaced. Mississauga Kitchen Cabinets Company can help homeowners with this task.

Keep in mind that kitchen cabinets will last for a long time, provided you take good care. The moment you see signs of wear and tear, consider a replacement.