The following are plans for the future of the park, as well as ideas we’d like to explore further. We are always eager to hear what our community has to say, so please contact us and let us know what you hope to see happen, what you’ve seen and liked in other parks and with any and all ideas you have. If you are looking for a way to get involved, many of the plans we’d like to explore need volunteers.

Plans in the Works

Splash Pad Revitalisation
The Parks and Recreation Department has confirmed that our ‘rehabilitated’ splash pad will have a new concrete floor as well as a spraying feature in the middle. Work is due to begin before the end of 2008.
Accessible Swing
The Parks and Recreation Department will also install an accessible swing in the park before the end of 2008.
Plans We’d Like to Make

Community Garden
Many of us would love to participate in the creation of a Community Garden. Unfortunately, none of us at the moment has time to take the lead and make it happen. If you, or someone you know, feels passionately about Community Gardens and would like to take this project on please let us know.
Bike / Foot Path on the North Side
The bike and foot paths have been completed by the Transportation Department on the south side of the park. We would like to see that happen on the north side as well. Ideally, the path would continue around the entire park, but the east and west sides cannot be done because of the proximity of the trees to the sidewalk.