Fargo printer for a new generation

The smart fargo printers for a new generation personalizes and encodes bank cards, including electronic level. By offering financial institutions the ability to offer better customer service by instantly and giving them their personalized card, the smart card printer allows them to retain customers. In addition, it was demonstrated that the Instant Issuance helps to significantly reduce the time elapsed before the first payment transaction performed with said card. Attract new customers with highly customized designs for credit cards, rates, prepaid and gift cards.

The technology that he uses

Fargo printer retransfers High Definition Printing technology prints photo-quality continuous tone images to the card edge with vibrant colors. Printed images are protected by the HDP retransfer film for added durability and protection against forgery.

Main characteristics

Among the main features of this new generation of smart card printer include: double-sided card printer, magnetic stripe ISO and EMV encoding, high data security via encryption AES256 data, erasing the resin ribbon after use to protect the personalization data, lockable safety box and invisible output tray comply with the safety requirements of associations of financial cards, double tray, optional, with a total capacity of 200 cards, which simplifies operational management for multiple types of card projects, the bright LED screen displays information of state in many languages, extremely durable HDP film, which provides greater durability of the cards. The diagnostic utility fargo printer provides improved graphics capability through the color matching tool Color Assist and automatic upgrade capabilities of the firmware for networked printers. Handling cards tray simplifies reloading or changing card stock.