Discover the Unique Workings of a Tower Crane

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Are you a construction business starting out? Well, looks like you need to invest in the tool of the trade. One of the most important assets of a construction company is a tower crane for any civil engineering project. These help carry out heavy construction work and assist in building ‘monuments from debris’.

Thus, one of the first tasks you need to accomplish is looking for a crane truck for sale. Now, if you have inhibited knowledge of crane trucks and their workings, buying the ideal tower crane can be confusing. So, to end your confusion, this article will discuss about these enigmatic crane trucks.

Breaking down the Parts of Tower Crane

The operations of a tower crane are exceedingly intriguing. The cranes are humongous and undoubtedly these need support. So, before you look out for a crane truck for sale, you need to consider the size and resources for developing a concrete slab.

At the base of the crane this heavy concrete slab is placed, where the crane is fixed with the use of huge bolts. This slab of concrete is usually 4 feet deep with 30 feet by 30 feet in length and with a weight ranging up to 400,000 pounds.

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This helps support the larger tower cranes masts that can reach a height up to 265 feet. Attached to this mast is its slewing unit which helps in the flexible movement of a crane. Attached to this slewing unit is the jib that is the long arm of the crane. Opposite to the jib is the crane’s short arm, which is the machinery arm. This one supports the heavyweight concrete that assists in balancing the when moving heavy loads along the jib.

At the peak of this crane is the operator’s cab where you or crane operator will sit and maneuver the workings of the crane and its arms.

Moving on, now that you know of the crane parts, it’ll help you understand and determine the type of machine to pick when you’re out looking for a crane truck for sale.

Now, Time to See What These Trucks Can Do

Whether you pick out a crane truck for sale or you buy the latest machinery these tower tower-cranecranes once anchored to the ground, can stand as tall as a sky rise building. Going up to almost 265 ft. these cranes are conditioned to lift as much as 19.8 tons- 18 metric tons of weight. Furthermore, the arm of these cranes can stretch up to 230 feet to assist in any construction projects.

Additionally, all these cranes come with “limit switches” that are designed to prevent chances of accidents. One switch helps ensure that the crane weight doesn’t exceed 18-metric ton, while the other helps monitor that the load extent doesn’t exceed the jib. This helps maintain the crane’s security and ensures work done is magnified.

So, now that you have basic know-how on these tower cranes, find the correct crane truck for sale and make your engineering projects a successful endeavor.

Kim Jong Un’s Armored Car : A detailed look

It is no surprise to see famous people, political leaders; foreign ambassadors often travel in cars that are bulletproof. With constant threats and security issues, armor car have become all the rage. Only recently Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader travelled in one such car while leaving a meeting with President Donald Trump. His car was a Mercedes-Benz S600 limousine, a Pullman guard armored car. The limo that Kim travelled in was an old edition Mercedes. These were sold during the 2008 and 2013 time period. The new editions contain a number of new features.

The new Mercedes S600 is a powerful one, inclusive of a V12 engine. It is bulletproof, and has amenities in built. Another new addition to this line is the Mercedes-Maybach, also a S600, Pullman Guard car. These cars cost around $1.6 million. No wonder only people of affluence and importance can afford them. These armor car have become an essential part of maintaining the security of the state in a number of countries and are immensely popular.armored car

Kim Jong Un’s car

Not much is known about the North Korean leader’s limousine. He left the summit with President Trump in supposedly a Mercedes-Benz, S600 edition car. The car seems to be from the W221 generation. These usually feature upholstery made up of white leather.

His vehicle, though it might not be an upgraded version is still quite eye catching and is said have cost a whopping $1 million at the time of buying. The W221 armor cars has 517 horsepower, bi-turbo engine, which is 5.5 liters and the interiors are fashionably leather-lined. In length it is 21 feet, which is huge and Kim had customized modifications made to the car to suit his needs.

A car that comes close to Kim’s car nowadays is the Maybach S600 car. This Pullman Guard Maybach S600, W221 car was launched back in 2016, but deliveries started around 2017, that too in the second half. A new S650 as launched in March, but right now only the S600 can be availed of. The latest version of this car has a number of features to know about.

armor car


  1. In length, it is 21 feet and has amenities and arms in built, it is also
  2. The Pullman is powered by 530 horsepower, a 6.0 liter engine, which is also twin-turbocharged.
  3. This armor car includes security features such as steel panels that are integrated to protect you; these are installed inside the body of the vehicle. There are also overlapping protection panels in certain areas of the car. The floors are also armored so you stay protected in case of a blast.
  4. The window glasses are extra thick and laminated, and in addition they are polycarbonate coated which protects from splintering. The blast proof features remain at par with ERV2010 standards and have a certification of VR9 resistance class.

Apart from the above mentioned feature this armor car also includes a luxurious design that will appeal to your aesthetic senses. The cabin can be customized according to preferences; the experience can be compared to that in a private jet. Rearward-facing seats in the rear cabin can also be created for meetings within the car. This car has reached a price of $1.57 million in Germany. So you can imagine it is indeed made for the luxurious.